Sunengen Research & Development

Sunengen have developed a significantly improved ammonia absorption refrigeration process. This enhanced process, called EARS™, can be driven by a variety of thermal sources and produces refrigeration output down to -18°, with a CoP approaching 0.96, comfortably outperforming traditional systems.
For further details please read our EARS brochure or follow our newsfeed for updates. If you would like to know more please contact us.


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Sunengen Engineering Expertise

Sunengen have assembled a considerable design team, and are always interested in new projects. If you are interested in our Process Engineering Capability please read our Engineering Brochure, below.

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EARS™ Brochure
Our Enhanced Absorption Refrigeration System. Read details about commercial applications and performance.

Sunengen Capability Statement
Details of our Engineering Consultancy Expertise and a complete Capability Statement